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  • Nifty Index Options: Open Interest Analysis of Options Chain by Srikanth Udupi Srinivas, Ritabrata Bhattacharyya :: SSRN

    Its 1,000-plus pages contain information on specific options strategies and market conditions in which they tend to work best. The book dives deep into using options as a hedge and explains how tax laws apply to option trading profits or losses. McMillan also offers detailed advice on trading index options, trading options on futures, and measuring market volatility.

    So, at any point in time, the number of buyers and the number of sellers will be equal. In the case of the above example, a volume of 100 means that there were 100 buyers and 100 sellers and that combined, they accounted for a total volume of 100 contracts. Many options traders deploy only non-directional trading strategies, and they rely upon firefighting techniques to manage their positions if something goes wrong.

    1. Below mentioned are some general guidelines related to volume and price of an option.
    2. Precisely speaking, the book never goes out of context and is always about making more profits and cutting losses in options trading.
    3. The buyer of the call has the right but does not have an obligation to buy the contract.
    4. Also, note that all these books on Option trading are in the English language, so if you wanna know what is option trading in hindi, then you can read our blog.
    5. Apart from that, this book is an introductory text to the psychology of investing in general.

    An options chain provides detailed quote and price information and should not be confused with an options series or cycle, which instead simply denotes the available strike prices or expiration dates. This pick earns its spot on our list for its commitment to the basics of any topics—in this case, the ins and outs of the options market. Author Joe Duarte was a biotech and healthcare analyst and is the author option chain analysis books of “This Week in the Money” column. J.B. Maverick is an active trader, commodity futures broker, and stock market analyst 17+ years of experience, in addition to 10+ years of experience as a finance writer and book editor. Besides using Option Chain to identify areas of support and resistance, it can also be used to find out the implications of shifts in support and resistance,as and when they occur.

    But the book isn’t just about those who want to begin but also about those who find themselves distressed in losses and stuck with harmful strategies. So level 11,325 is an important level for the call writers for tomorrow’s expiry. Please watch the following video if you want to learn and understand the Option Chain Analysis in Trading concept in a better way.

    To label Roji Abraham as a storyteller that also knows the stock market inside-out, one won’t be entirely wrong. That is the reason that this list of books on option trading should begin with Roji Abraham’s amusingly written guide to Options Trading. Option chains are probably the most natural form of presenting information for retail investors. Traders can find an option premium by following the corresponding maturity dates and strike prices.

    Best Overall: Options Trading Crash Course

    Overby covers everything from why implied volatility matters to pricing variables, or Greeks, even time decay as it affects implied volatility. It explains in detail about Open Interest (OI) and how to co-relate OI with futures and options. Besides, it also provides a detailed explanation of how to use this OI data to predict the important support and resistance levels and how to define different strategies using them. Beginners and intermediate-level traders might struggle to understand the essence of the book. However, it may not be suitable if a person is new to the stock market (in fact, options trading itself is not suitable for novice people). It starts with the basic concepts of options and explains why a trader should look to trade in options when they have the choice of trading in other instruments (equity and futures).

    Education Books for Free!

    The book provides new investors with a complex directional view of the market in an easy to understand explanatory structure. Furthermore, this text offers a thorough discussion of the standard option spreads in addition to the tips surrounding the adjustments that are required when the market conditions take a different turn. Many of these books are also enumerated as reference resources for various futures and options courses. Once you are done with thoroughly reading the beginner-level books, you can take a leap towards slightly more sophisticated books that talk about certain specific topics within the larger model of the Options Market. The book makes it pretty clear that Options is not about mere speculation but serious preparation and that is the objective of both the author and the text. And to prepare a reader for Options trading, various scientific approaches have been explained by using standard examples keeping in mind the reader’s abilities and skills.

    However, unlike volume, which is applicable to both cash and derivatives segment, open interest is applicable to only derivative segment. Just like volume, open interest also tells a lot about the prevailing liquidity in the option contract. Again, one should preferably open position only in those option contracts that have good open interest. In this book, the author has used many such technical concepts to decide the direction of the underlying instrument and along with some firefighting examples, making this book a lethal combo for Indian traders. So, grab one (or more) of these free books, find a comfy corner, and start reading. You’d be surprised how much you can learn when you invest time in yourself.

    It shows all listed puts, calls, their expiration, strike prices, and volume and pricing information for a single underlying asset within a given maturity period. The chain will typically be categorized by expiration date and segmented by calls vs. puts. It can also be seen that for all the OTM Put strikes with the exception of 1440 and 1460 as well as for all of the ITM Put strikes, the decline in Put premium has been accompanied by a fall in OI.

    Besides the Nifty, Bank Nifty index is also heavily traded on the option segment. Among stocks too, there are various option contracts that are available for trading. However, before trading stock options, have a very close look on the volume and open interest statistics of stock options, as only a handful of them are liquid. Let’s walk through Top-6 books on options trading to explore the basics of options trading, options trading strategies, and techniques to deploy in 2021 markets.

    Usually, a payout diagram is mandatory to understand the various characteristics of an option strategy, and this book serves the purpose wonderfully well. All the strategies are explained with large images which are easy to read and understand. In addition, there are many handmade notes; simple day-to-day examples are included to explain many strategies that help a novice understand the concepts better. Surprisingly most traders deploy only ‘call buy’ or ‘put buy’ strategies which have only 33.3% winning probabilities in trading. No matter where you are in your trading journey, we hope you found something valuable in this list. Newbies, intermediate traders, seasoned pros, there’s something for everyone.

    Trading Vertical Spreads – The Options Industry Council (OIC)

    So, shrug off all the fear about derivatives trading and start studying with all your heart and soul because sooner or later you will learn stock market and feel confident about dealing in Options Trading. Readers who are fed up with boring books on Options will find his writing a fresh breath of air. The author, without cutting down on the substantive jargon has managed to get his point across to those unfamiliar with superior terminologies of Options trading. This book, although very old, is still quite relevant as the practical option reading strategies defined by McMillan are timeless.

    As such, it offers a comprehensive take on the various strategies investors can incorporate when investing in the options market. McMillan has also written “McMillan On Options” and “Profit With Options” and writes the daily advisory service, Daily Volume Alerts. If both Call and Put option writers are reducing their positioning in lower-priced strikes and are increasing their positioning in higher-priced strikes, it means supports and resistances are both shifting higher.

    The buyer of the call has the right but does not have an obligation to buy the contract. If the price goes above the strike price, then the call’s buyer will profit. If the price goes below the strike price, then the loss will equal the premium paid.

    These form the mantras for all professionals of the stock market regardless of their level of expertise or trading segments. With all his experience and practical skills, he wrote several books on options trading, especially for beginners. The motivational and confidence-building writing style is an addon in these important books on options trading. Apart from that, this book is an introductory text to the psychology of investing in general. The option chain is a matrix where we analyze which call or put strike price trading is happening, open interest, premium, and average prices of the particular instrument of the particular series are shown on one page.

    Stock Market Books in Hindi

    Mind you, this isn’t a short concise read, the book goes beyond 1000 pages but remains engaging and interesting through and through. But, of course, this book has been structured keeping in mind the ideal audience i.e. a beginner-level options trader. Now, jump to the section you feel like and find out the books on option trading suitable under that category. Also, note that all these books on Option trading are in the English language, so if you wanna know what is option trading in hindi, then you can read our blog. Therefore, your decision to build your knowledge in Options Trading instead of just giving up is a smart one.

    Break below 1440 would open door for further fall towards the 1400; whereas break above 1500 would open door for a rally towards the next hurdle of 1600. Both authors are apparent with the concepts and demonstrate their knowledge throughout the book. It has well-organized content and explanation, even for a person with knowledge of technical analysis. It helps a person to pick the right strategy for him with the help of a description of the costs and benefits of each strategy.

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