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  • The Consequences of Drunk Driving: Fines, Criminal Records & Injuries

    Depending on the legal charges, some states may also require community service time or alcoholism treatment. Additionally, fatal crashes involving a 0.08% BAC level or higher are charged as alcohol-impaired driving fatalities. Even though alcohol-impaired driving fatality rate has been reportedly decreasing, motor vehicle crashes involving alcohol cost the United States roughly $44 billion each year.

    consequences of drinking and driving

    Other costs of a DUI conviction include things like insurance rate increases, attorney fees, and DUI classes. Increases in car insurance rates were standard—47% of our survey respondents reported boosted rates, typically for three years. Not only that, but our survey results indicate that a DUI arrest and the proceedings that follow can lead to lost income due to a suspended license or even a lost job; almost 25% of respondents reported this kind of cost. Drunken motorcyclists, boaters, and jet-skiers are all at risk of causing accidents and injuries.

    Administrative License Suspension for DUI Arrests

    Thirteen percent of the respondents were diagnosed as having been alcohol dependent at some point in their lives. The FARS data also provide information on the characteristics of drivers involved in alcohol-related fatal crashes—their age, gender, previous convictions and license suspensions, BAC, and safety belt use. The percentage of traffic deaths that are alcohol related also varies depending on the role of the person killed in the crash (i.e., whether the person killed was the driver, passenger, or pedestrian) and by the type of vehicle involved. In 2002, 41 percent of the drivers killed in crashes were killed in alcohol-related crashes, compared with 37 percent of passenger deaths and 47 percent of pedestrian deaths. Of all pedestrian deaths, 17 percent involved a driver who had been drinking and 38 percent involved a pedestrian who had been drinking. In 7 percent of pedestrian deaths, both the driver and the pedestrian had been drinking (NHTSA 2003f ).

    consequences of drinking and driving

    Drivers who are between the ages of 16 and 20 years old are 10 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash, than drivers over the age of 21. While the number of underage drinking and driving cases has Alcoholism and nutrition: a review of vitamin supplementation and treatment significantly decreased, many communities are pushing out new initiatives to keep adolescents safe. In 2011 alone, close to one million high school teens admitted to drinking and driving.

    Embracing Personal Accountability

    Among drivers ages who die in crashes, around one in five had at least some alcohol in their system. Most states have set the legal BAC limit for driving at 0.08 grams of alcohol per deciliter (g/dL); the limit is 0.05 g/dL in Utah.6 However, impairment starts at lower BAC levels. Information on the effects of alcohol on driving at a range of BACs is available here. According to the US Department of Transportation, nearly 4 million American adults committed an estimated 112 million drunk-driving incidents in 2010 alone.

    • If you suspect someone of drink driving in Greece, you can report them to the local authorities by calling the emergency hotline or contacting the nearest police station.
    • The consequences of this reckless behavior extend far beyond convenience it might seem to provide.
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